Upgrade Cosmetic Pets into Troop Buff Pets

The title says it all.

I do think that all cosmetic pets should be upgraded. But at the very least I would plead to the following:

Angry Anvil → Dark Smith Drenza

Campaign Pet → Campaign Mythic
(for example, Nevercaw → King of Ravens)

Cosmetic pets are, in most cases, cash-exclusive, available for limited time, or both.
Increasing the ingame advantage they offer would be something, I am decidedly against.


I’m fine with them just being cosmetic. But it would be nice if they were available after the campaign/event ended. At least a year later or so. I’m still missing cosmetic pets from a few years ago and currently about 25 of my kingdoms are pet blocked from further progress. :thinking:

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Almost 3 months later. None of the unowned old cosmetic pets appeared to this day …