[Updated] Coloured Jewels in Dungeons not increasing

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All platforms

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Patch notes state that

Unfortunately, increasing the dungeon level does not increase the coloured jewels by 1 per dungeon level



Level 6 from beta

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
since finding stairs and descending to harder difficulty for increased rewards. This is not unique to just my account. I’ve been gathering up screenshots like some kind of screenshot goblin

Steps to make it happen again

  • Open Dungeon, complete dungeon on level 1
  • Return to Dungeon another day, Find Descending stairs, select confirm to be at level 2, find battles, observe coloured jewels not increasing
  • Return again, find stairs to raise level to level 3, select confirm…continues for all levels (example from beta where dungeon level 6 rewards arent expected. Note this was before beta had patch notes so unable to mark this as a bug in beta build)

but also shards right ?

Ok Diamonds we’ll see (maybe), when we hit level 10 and level 20.
On Level 10 = 6 Diamonds
On Level 20 = 7 Diamonds

Diamond Shards seem to be right so far. I’m only looking at Screenshots that show the level in top right and no stairs showing on the screenshot as this complicates things as to when the stairs were found and when the screenshot was taken

Bob finds megaboss on lvl2, then stairs to level 3,then the 2 minibosses will give level 3 rewards, Bob takes a screenshot showing level 3 but the megaboss rewards look wrong even though they were right at the time

I hope that makes sense (anyone else saying megapint in Johnny Depps voice whenever they say mega boss? Probably just me :sweat_smile:)

If you have seen any screenshots floating around that don’t fit, please add them here and I’ll cry but add them to the report

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Updating with data from a Level 4 Dungeon. Jewels still incorrect based on patch notes saying +1 jewel per increased Dungeon difficulty

Looks like
25 + (0.5 * Dungeon Level)
Business Rounding

Snatched this one up after it slipped through my fingers the other day!

Edit: Looking into this further, it appears in the patch notes there was a mistake when we added in the reward increase information as we updated it after the Patch notes went live.
It should have read as follows:

Mini Bosses will get:

  • +1 Shard every Level
  • +1 Jewel every 4 Levels
  • +1 Diamond every 20 Levels

While the Mega-Boss will get:

  • +2 Shards every Level
  • +1 Jewel every 2 Levels
  • +1 Diamond every 10 Levels

Apologies for this mistake, going to edit the patch notes now.

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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I mentioned the question in a different thread, but do sunday dungeons (diamonds only) count by the diamond bonus (20/20/30->21/21/32), the jewel bonus (->25/25/40) or both (->26/26/42)?