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Update is live (PS4)

wup wup wup yey.


Impressions and changes please and thank you

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Everything looks the same. The only thing I see is a campaign tab but when you click it it says it’ll start next week.

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There are 5 new trophies, all related to the Campaign stuff. (3 bronze, 1 silver, 1 gold)

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One new Weapon for each kingdom, pans is allready in the forge. The only surprise for me.
The whole Update te log is altough available in the PS4 System.

Sounds about right.

13 hours later. Android users still don’t have the patch.
I know we aren’t missing anything official at this point.
But it’s always fun to play and see what the patch broke or didn’t bother to fix. :grinning:

I just updated, it’s there now.


15 minutes after I post about it. Weird. :wink: Jk

Next time complain sooner please @awryan we’ve all been waiting for you all day so the update would go live :stuck_out_tongue:


I did.
It just got buried within all the other comments. :grinning:

But it says Google just approved it 5 days ago. So maybe they are slacking these days (for good reasons).

You’re ruining the theory!


I like facts. Therefore I eat theories for breakfast.

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