Update 1.0.7 Out Now!


Get the massive new update and master your Troop collection now!
Full update notes >> http://bit.ly/1MV7UzS


Thank you team for the update! I love it so much!
Increasing speed is awesome! :smiley:


Lots of good updates, but…

Why no heads up ahead of release? A lot of us now have unusefull souls and glory.

Secondly, i feel i am being forced to switch my team, from Valkyrie to Alchemist. It is going to take longer to level up all Kingdoms and Meanwhile guild contributions will drop to zero. Not to happy about that.


… btw overall tribute has become less, why?


No heads up? There was a 1.0.7 Patch Preview Part 2 that was posted two days ago…


I’m pretty sure they decided it had to go live for the PAX exhibition…


Oh, you mean a heads up before the update was actually released? I thought it was understood and/or mentioned in some other thread that there’s never a definite date on these things, mainly because of the uncertainty of when it will be available in the Apple store (not sure about Google store). So I assume that once word comes that it passed Apple approval, the update’s gotta go to keep everyone on all platforms in sync. So the Maintenance announcement is pretty much the “heads-up”.


Ok ic, haha. Well it got me by surprise anyway that there was no Preview Part 3 and that it came so suddenly. :smile:


The update is very good but two things:

  • The animations are too fast. In the option menu, it would be nice that you create a option for adjust the speed of animation.
  • In the list of team, it would be nice that we drag and drop the teams to put the main team at the top of the list for example.
  • In the screen of the teams and units, it would be nice that you scroll with mouse without click.