Upcoming weapons in the soulforge

I wanted a list of everything that will be available in the soulforge so I thought I would add it here as well

Weapons available until the end of October. Event kingdoms may change as we get closer to the date.

Epic weapons cost 300 jewels of the weapons colour, 3k souls, 3 celestial traitstones and 75 diamonds
Legendary weapons cost 600 jewels of each of the weapons colour, 15k souls, 3 celestial traitstones and 300 diamonds
Doomed weapons I’m unsure of the cost

July 29th Wild Plains

Primal Axe

August 5th Leonis Empire

Golden Sun
Merchant’s Blade

August 12th Drifting Sands

Blade of the Sands
Crystal Axe
Stone Staff

August 19th Bright Forest

Last Harbor
Trickster’s Shot

August 26th Darkstone

Doomed Runestones
Blood Drinker
Dark Sword

September 2nd Dragon’s Claw

Volcanic Shield

September 9th Blighted Lands

Fire Staff

September 16th Drak-Zum

Doomed Blade
Fire and Ice
Stone Slicer

September 23rd Stormhiem

Ice Aegis

September 30th Karakoth

Doomed Cauldron

October 7th Grosh-Nak

Earth’s Fury
Spiked Mace

October 14th Maugrim Woods

Doomed Glaive
Hope’s Crescent

October 21st Ghulvania

Doomed Scythe
Wall of Oblivion

October 28th Zaejin

Flesh Ripper


Thanks for the breakdown!

Doomed Weapons require 900 Diamonds, 60,000 Souls, 2,200 Garnet, and 10 Celestial Traitstones.

Looks like ropedart is lock up till next year by then we’ll get better ropedart lol

Any ETA on the Beastly Bow?