New Pets are on the way but when will they be released and what will they look like?

Baby Beard - Khaziel
Bunny Chick - Broken Spire
Kit Sith – Bright Forest
Lil’ Freedom - Guardians
Mini Giant - Stormhelm
Scared Cub - Whitehelm
Shallow Borer - Khaziel
Tiny Torte - Broken Spire

So we know what their named and where they are from.
But what will they actually look like like?
Well until we know for sure I have taken the liberty with the power of
google to at least give us a glimpse of what they could possibly look like lol! :rofl:

Baby Beard


Bunny Chick

Kit Sith

Lil’ Freedom


Mini Giant

Scared Cub


Shallow Borer

Tiny Torte



You should be able to see the artwork of quite some upcoming pets here.


AWESOME! thanks for the link! :sunglasses:


You are welcome. :wink:


I vote we use the images posted above for the pets!


Wouldn’t Mini Giant just be a normal sized creature?


Yet he would still tower over all the other critters! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Minsc will lead with blade and boot! Boo will take care of the details.

Side Note: Do you know how HARD it was to pick just ONE quote for this response?!


Will there be Cool’Goth? Or how d’ya call it.


That Cthulhu hello kitty is giving me life!


Cthullho Kitty?