Upcoming Epic Guild Tasks (in 4.7)

Thanks Salty. Sounds like you had to pull strings to get this compromise for the community, and that’s always appreciated.

I do find it interesting that treasure troops were the task singled out for removal, not shards and ingots (which are more useless to end game players). It kind of goes to what I saw elsewhere, maybe the devs are trying to make delving more optional to players who don’t want to do them? Can’t say I agree with the goal, but it at least makes some sense.

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Basically… They’re the only unwanted “reward” that required gold to get them and then to use them. For lack of better terms…simply idiotic.
All the other “rewards” won’t require gold to be used with the resource save for maybe writs. But everyone is fine with the inclusion of writs once they realize the symbol being used for them isn’t indicating maps.
It’s probably too late for 4.7, but they should seriously consider changing the symbol for writs completely and making the word popular enough so that my auto correct doesn’t constantly try to change it to write. :grinning:


This was discussed on Monday’s stream. Treasure troops were singled out for removal to be a compensating adjustment for the final treasure troop drop rate being settled as higher that what was originally designed. As such, the treasure troop task was removed as a way to “claw back” some of the excess treasure troop drops over what was originally planned to flow into the game’s economy.

They are as optional as any other game mode in GoW. No one is forcing anyone to play delves.

On the other hand, if you are playing delves for the rewards, the main rewards are the faction pets that are gating kingdom Power. If you truly want delves to be optional, then you are at the mercy of waiting for the 2nd pet for a kingdom to be released naturally. A quick look at Tarans shows enough unreleased pets in the game files for at least two full more years plus cosmetic releases. In that case, I hope you have the patience of a saint because most, if not all, kingdoms are going to hit that hard wall at Power 15 over the course of the next year requiring that second pet.

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Actually if we simplify the values…
lets say its 1 penny per guild task & 2 pennies per epic guild task (cost value) = (6+12) = 18 total
we spend 6 pennies on good stuff (normal tasks)+ 2 pennies on red epic task = 8 pennies
but still have to pay 10 pennies on useless tasks

I feel a compromise would be at least (50/50) with 3/6 new tasks changed not 1/6.
That feels like I get 1 penny and you get 5 pennies, not sure how that’s fair.

That’s still over 50% of our gold going to worst tasks and cutting off our key supply
And since the card pool keeps getting bigger and bigger, I thought the dev’s would help by making it easier to get cards not cut off our keys which is important for a CCG.


I disagree @awryan. Despite the “compromise” the issue is unchanged. We don’t want the tasks and the result will be an increase in the division between those who can and will play all day and those who cannot or will not. This creates a situation irrelevant of capability…it creates a situation of availability. Let’s see u guys on a good shooter, where skill still has massive value.

With what? I have zero context for your reply.

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Yeah it’s not much of a ‘compromise’, but more of sliding back a little yet still giving us a bad deal.

  1. We don’t want the not so ‘epic’ tasks.
  2. There will be an increased division between upper and lower ‘class’ of players, killing the middle.
  3. This will make it harder and harder for newer players to compete w/o paying to win.

I think these three points were in the context of what you were saying @Thevc?


I heard the treasure troop reasoning, struck me as a bit vindictive TBH. I mean, people were complaining about that task too, so it’s whatever (though any complaint applicable to treasure troops is equally applicable to shards, EXCEPT for people who don’t want to delve and just want the faction troops). But why try and frame it as “oh, the players got their way there, so we’ll take away this resource, even though some people are still asking for it?”

I mean, I don’t think I’ve seen a single person come out and say that they needed more chaos shards or ingots, anywhere, even before the 4.7 discussion happened.

And I’d say the population that sees delves as a resource for faction troops and ingots is probably larger than the population trying to get deep enough to where the faction pets are on the radar. Before epic tasks, you “had to” do delves to realistically get faction troops and the ingots needed to upgrade all the good weapons. With epic tasks, maybe not so much anymore?

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So if the delve is there so you can get Ingots and now you don’t have to do delve to get Ingots. Seems they are trying to get more people to stop doing part of the game. Delve. Just my opinion of course.

I disagree. Using just the ingot epic task, or any other epic task(outside of writs) won’t make up for the speed at which a player obtains those resources through regular play.

Also think its ridiculous when end gamers come on here flashing their hoards and saying “see, who needs X resource? Those are useless to me”. That is a terrible argument and shows how out of touch some players are here. The resources are fine to add in my opinion, it’s the cost that’s the most painful. There are subtle hints at the game giving you ways to get back some of those keys (increasing seals). It’s going to be painful but the community will live.

I’m as worried as most here about 4.7 but I’m waiting to see how it plays out before going full board on the hate train.

While you are correct that the resources are useful to a lot of people, the issue with the update that basically every endgamer in here has, is that its the cost of them paired with the other tasks that make them for endgamers to complete, and therefore the resources should be useful to endgamers as they are the 1s completing them.

Saying that people have no right to complain about it because others need those items, when those others are unlikely to be able to complete the tasks to get said items, is not fair. Just because you arent upset by that part of the update, does not mean others arent allowed to be.

While it wont speed up resource collecting in regular play, it will reduce the amount of total play needed. For instance, when Dungeons came out, I done them all daily and bought the packs because I needed the diamonds to get missing mythics. Once I had all the mythics, I was able to change my daily play away from Dungeons, and onto other things that needed my time, like Delves. Then when I finish them I was able to move onto something else, like explore. Etc Etc. Reducing the time needed before being able to move on from that mode is always good.


The problem is there is almost NO resource outside of keys that a true end gamer would need. The people I’m targeting are a tiny portion of the game who literally have everything and don’t need anything. Most of the extreme endgamers in our guild also don’t need keys or mythics anymore and I’m assuming when people flash chaos shard hoards, they are the same level. So I find it pretty ridiculous that some of the biggest complainers are ones who don’t need anything at all and are in guilds that will still get LT’s I’m sure.

I said they were fine, I didn’t say I loved what they are doing. No one loves losing easy access to keys. But they are doing it no matter what, and nothing much will change that fact. I never said players couldn’t complain, hell I complain whenever I seem to post. But it doesn’t mean you won’t get a response.


So most high rank guilds have a 1 mil gold min right now. That gets several LTs right now. With the new Epic tasks that number is 1.5 mil and that’s just to be done with Epic tasks. These high rank guilds people speak of you are correct some have everything but some joined the guild to take advantage and to catch up. Those are the people that will be hurt by this mostly. I have basically everything but not every single person in my guild can say that.

Calling it now. Its going to be releases for GW week. But because they’re “trying” not to release on GW weeks, it will be released on sunday 15th, the day before GW week. Outside office hours.


Well that’s OK because devs stated that upon release, 4.7 epic tasks would be complete anyway. Whether or not that means every guild gets the associated epic task stat boosts that week remains to be seen.

Don’t worry everyone, we’re helping the Devs make the game better with our valuable feedback. It says so right in the game…


I sure hope so. If I didn’t care, I would not bother posting at all.


Oi, get on it team!


All the epic tasks have useful keys mixed in, so there aren’t tasks to completely skip anymore. It’s better, but it also means we can’t disregard a tree. It will take a bit to unpack, but this is a very positive change. Thanks @Saltypatra. I think this should calm things down a lot.


I dont like the system, you have to reach task 11 everywhere to get die deeds, nearly impossible for a lot of guilds…

And just useless tokens…