Upcoming Changes

@Saltypatra, could you be a little more specific on these changes, if it is possible? :slight_smile:

I don’t think there are any changes to announce yet. Just that they are being looked at by dev’s.


Thanks, I just found a translation on the word fortnight. I did not have the slightest idea that it meant in a two weeks(14days) time… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahaha i just assumed it will happen tonight xD


Yeah exactly. lol :joy: fortnight - the following night… :confounded:

Lol no worries; English is my mother tongue and I didn’t even know the exact meaning lol TIL! :smiley:

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Fortnight is a contraction of “fourteen nights”. The letter u got dropped because English!

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happen to know this word, learnt it from Games of Thrones :joy:



refund on the deathknight class? a lot of people traited it just to compete the same way


@Saltypatra @nimhain @sirrian Why are you thinking of nerfing Death mark? That is not a problem in the game, and it will be a huge mistake of you if you decide to nerf the death mark status effect. The problem as I can see it, is that people was annoyed of was the Deathknight class 3rd trait that deathmark every enemy troops when he dies. Maybe I am not up to date in everything that is going on in this boards all the threads etc, but this would be a mistake by the Devs. Death mark was fine as it was until the Deathknight class came. Please do not change the way the status effect works, rather change the 3rd trait on the death knight so it can deathmark two enemy troops instead of 4. That’s the simplest solution. Death mark is fine as it is, do not tweak it, so many troops include Death will need rework as well then. Please consider to just change Deathknights 3rd trait without touching death mark status effect itself…


Can’t wait for the reduction of RngMark, and looking forward to finding out details on what the other changes actually are (hopefully they’re good :wink: ). Props to the devs and @Saltypatra for listening and being so responsive (and for being so shrewd in trying to calm the community without actually committing to specific GW changes - I do see what you did there :wink: ).

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I hope they never touch the death mark status effect…That will make me sad for days. They should rather do the simple solution and that would be to change the 3rd trait of the Deathknight class…Deathmark two random enemy troops upon death…


Come on for god sake, there is surely a lot more voices than mine to be heard…

I really pissed off. I love deathmark, only got death last week finally, (ps4), have farmed the stones to trait deathknight class when it comes out and it’s getting changed because of a few people moaning about it. Seriously?
Famine absolutely must have his spell cost increased, 25 imo.
Kerberos is just ridiculously overpowering now.
Guardians? Yeah, maybe make them not cast on skulls or drop the amount of gems created by one or two.
Anyway, not happy but will see how it goes.


I liked the first part of your post.

Which bit, ‘I really pissed off’? I need to edit that. It should read,’ I’m '.

The only valid solution the Devs could possibly do here was to change the 3rd trait of the Deathknight class to death mark 2 random enemies upon death. Instead they go ahead and planning to nerf the status effect itself…and that pisses me off too…


People have been complaining about Death Mark even before DK came out. It just because a lot worse once it did.


LOL seriously…all the people?? Who?..those wiener sausages we have here on the boards?? Thats just a tiny tiny % of the total player base…they should be flat our ignored for once…