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Upcoming Changes

Well of course death would say that. He’s hardly an unbiased observer on this topic!


You can only speak from personal experience, as can I.
You may be fortunate enough for death mark not to kill you every time. I’m not as lucky as you clearly. More often than not, 3 or 4 turns after deathmark has been placed my whole team has been killed by it.
Charge up a cleanse. Dies while trying.

I’ve seen the suggestion of having Mercy ready to go at all times when facing Death. However Death is normally with Famine. Cast Mercy and cleanse the team, but give Famine all it’s mana. Or wait until the board alines and risk your whole team being dead.

Though I’m lucky with devour in that most of the time the dumb AI targets troops that can’t be devoured.

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Re DeathKnight and DeathMark: seems something had to be done, given the sudden proliferation of DeathKnights in defences. GW made it almost mandatory to use the best (read worst) RNG grief available. Too many people feeding back that GW wasn’t yet fun.

I’d rather DeathMark was left as it is and DeathKnight was redesigned. But if devs are unwilling to revise DeathKnight so soon after its release, then they have to make the suggested mechanic change to DeathMark instead. It was probably due.

I suggest also we wait and see what the impact is. Having a ONE turn delay hardly nerfs DeathMark into oblivion. It’s a fairly small reduction in the chance of losing a troop, and getting ONE turn means having a group cleanse of the right colour ready to cast to make any difference


Just jumped back on the forums since yesterday and wow this thread has exploded. I’ve been through everything and made some notes on all the feedback you’ve given us. As always, we do appreciate feedback from you, and it is exactly this feedback which led us to re-evaluate Death Mark. Not everyone will always have the same opinions or agree on our new content or changes, and that’s fine, we all have different styles of play and enjoy Gems of War differently.

@Ivar we have some plans for the Guild Guardian already, and they’re looking pretty cool right now, so stay tuned. Also, we’ve had a little luck moving forward with the EULA, we are just looking into an elegant way that it can be signed and people can participate in the Design A Troop. Once GW is more stable and we have some other exciting up-coming things out of the way I’ll be the one sitting down to put some serious time into it.


Somewhere, way back when, a developer said that old GW troops would be retired to guild chests once a new set hits. Will those troops go into the same slots occupied by guild guardians? Or will I need to spend seals at chest level 1-4 so that I have a chance at pulling these common troops?

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So my guess is they would be considered the same as the guild guardians. I don’t see the developers punishing guilds for getting high level guild chests.

I believe it’ll be like the current Guild Guardians. Once all of your Guardians become Mythic they’ll no longer appear in the Guild Key drop pool. When the first series of Guild War troops are retired they’ll show up in Guild Chests like Guardians with the 50% drop rate.

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Thanks for changing Death Mark. I hope this change reduces the number of DeathKnigh decks I have to face next GW. Most opponents were running DeathKnight Curse this week. Kind of boring when all the Opponents are the same.

@Saltypatra @Sirrian
For future GW, could you somehow reward Defense players for “Single Color Opposing Defense decks” or something? It would be nice if Defense was different for GW in addition to Invade Teams getting a Color Bonus.



And you have 4 of each Guardian ( a point most don’t recall) - then they stop dropping.

I finally hit that this week. All at Mythic, all with 4 troops.

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can i get a unit with single target spell that would execute a unit if it has deathmark on?

With the 1-turn delay for Death Mark, it could be possible to counter it with Cleanse to all… but there is no troops/weapons for the Red color…

As far as I see, there is no troop in the near future. And you, @Saltypatra? :slight_smile:

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Must be North Korean…

The main reason we’re changing Death Mark is to allow for possible counterplay. Currently there is no way to counter death mark in the first turn if it triggers. This 1 turn protection allows for players to plan around it and try to remove it.

With these changes, we will be reviewing all troops, weapons or Classes with Death Mark abilities and will make any balance changes as necessary.

The Death Mark changes will not be coming until the next update, so there will still be some time before it occurs (this is due to the change requiring a client update).


I do not understand these changes at all @Nimhain. As we have several counters to deathmark, imune to deathmark, impervious and troops with mana drainers. I mean that the differently tactics could already be worked out before the opponent troop has deathmarked any of the troops. Also all the other troops/creeping death DM is pretty perfect as they currently are, except from the DK class.

Deathknight: Its the problem now. Should get a fix on his 3rd trait. DM 2 enemies upon death.
Death: Was never a problem in the first place, takes 24 manas for the enemy to pump him up. It will be enough time to pump up any of the mana drainers to counter.
Wraith: Easy counter, have a troop that is immune to deathmark/impervious in the front.
Creeping Death weapon: Rarely to met in PvP. Never much of a problem as it only can death mark two troops.


deathknight should probably just deathmark less troops, like 2-3 troops not all 4


Yeah, thats really the only thing they need to do in my honest opinion, to change the DK so it DM 2 random enemy troops upon death. Nerfing DM itself which is currently perfect, is a mistake.


Amazing!!! Thanks so much devs! :heart_eyes:

That would not stop the outrage though. It would still result in the rare deaths of troops from players that refuse to use stun, or adapt their kill order to circumvent the trait.
On the other hand now these people might have to rely on using cleanse, so even that change might not shut down the outrage for long.
And just to be clear, i am indifferent to this change, i personally absolutely don’t need it, but i also don’t necessarrily think it is a bad change as long as the Devs use this opportunity to make Death somewhat better or even more interesting.


maybe it wouldnt stop the rage but it would balance the game more,

right now the nerf affects other troops which were balanced well and they gonna need a buff

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All that’s likely to happen currently is you’ll see a fully traited mercy on every defence team too.
I’m with eika on this, there’s enough counters to build a team around rather than changing the dm effect.