[Upcoming Bug] Is there any chance, that the Journey has been fixed this time?

As we all know, the milage of the journey event was set way too low during its first two incarnations to reasonably reach the linked achievement.

As we also know, the developers only care about the players insofar, that they enjoy watching us get angry. Players are going to keep playing and whales are going to keep putting money into this, no matter how they are treated.

So… will there be any change about the broken point values?

We can only hope and pray it is :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :pray:

What broken point values?
It was bugged for the first event but the scoring was fixed last time around - second event gave expected score for every battle I cared to count along (besides, there were no mobs with pithforks and plethora of bug reports).


“Journey miles should be easier to accumulate” is not a bug, it’s an opinion.
“The trophy should be easier to accomplish” is not a bug, it’s an opinion.
“We should get more miles for the same effort” is not a bug, it’s an opinion.

And if the developers made mileage a lot easier to accumulate, they’d either have to raise the requirements for prize gates or nerf those same prizes to reflect the lesser effort necessary. And that is probably something most players would be aggravated by given how Journey events are one of the few where the rewards are worth something. It may not be a sufficient quantity to satisfy a lot of people, but it’s one of the few places where you can acquire Books of Deeds.

Which is meaningful enough that Journey is the one event archetype where I’ll ask/nudge my (very, very casual) guild to put in the work to clear all the prize gates. And put in extra resources and effort of my own above and beyond what I’d normally contribute.

And I suspect I’m hardly the only one among those of us who aren’t in very active, very competitive guilds that routinely clear everything.


As much as we know it’s still bugged (and not even being worked on). The score lost this way quite significant, especially if you are using a looping team (which the current Journey promotes).

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I dragged out battles for as long as I could last time and still got full points.
When I start playing current event on weekend, I’ll have another look but, as far as I’m concerned for now, scoring works as expected.

You didn’t get full points, you got minimum points. There’s a cap regarding how much points you can get docked each fight, at most 30 miles for dragging out battles. Looping currently still seems to incorrectly count as dragging out the battle, so if you cast Czernobog 10 times on your first turn you’ll be missing roughly a third of your score.


Dragged out with looping but not exceeding 10 total turns and got max points.
I know perfectly well about base score reduction, so I am sure about how score is calculated and what I witnessed.
As I’ve said - I’ll check again on weekend, but leaving this matter alone until then.

Curiosity got the best of me and I played a few games without a construct hero (foolish thing to do).

75 base score, enough extra turns (certainly more than ten) to gain almost full 100 gold, 225 final score.

I must admit I’m slightly disappointed - expected to see a sea of real bug reports with evidence about wrong scoring; it would’ve been interesting to dive in deeper.
Hard to blame anybody, really. Who would be dedicated enough to actually count along before crying blue murder? “Insert expletive devs, can’t keep their promises and tell expletive lies about fixing bugs” is much more convenient and easier position to have.

(Devs deserve their share of criticism - like having spend-to-get-journey achievement (closest issue to this thread) in the first place - but, unfortunately, bugged journey scoring doesn’t seem to be one of them anymore.)


Now I’m kind of curious if you get docked any points at all based on turns. :thinking:

Well, the official Journey game guide says the bug is still around, and I don’t remember seeing any mention of a fix in any of the patch notes. Fixing bugs is good, informing about fixed bugs is even better, this undocumented change has some impact on scoring strategies.

With turns defined as “you take all actions and then enemy takes all actions” base score gets reduced by 1 per turn for turns above 10 - checked it last time and it should still work, unless they’ve messed up again.

Scoring bug being fixed was mentioned in 6.1 patch notes (that were quite long to begin with so not many players probably read all the way to the end).
Zendesk help/known issues articles not getting enough love, though, is something they should be reminded about on daily basis…but that would be immediately classifiued as spam, wouldn’t it? Articles about unlocking Dungeons and other stuff still not being updated (should’ve happend the same day when respective patch went live) is simply awful.


You are right, found it:

I could have sworn this didn’t work the last time, I guess I need to pay more attention. :thinking:

You do not need to use cash to get more tiers to get an achievement. Are you ENVY with The Whales? I am quite thankful they are around and the game keeps going without too much complaints than a free-to-play players are.