Upcoming 1:52 Kingdom

I just saw the banner art for the Mydnight kingdom. The clock on the banner says 1:52, NOT midnight

Probably because it is traditionally more visually appealing to show clock faces at a similar time to this.

Very similar to why watches/clocks are shown at 10:10 in marketing.

Perhaps it should be Two Minutes to Midnght (for all the old Iron Maiden fans :grin: )


Invasion troop called The Iron Maiden coming next week, flavour text “The Trooper.”

There’s one reference for you.


I thought you were going for a Linkin Park reference.

I hope it has a special power that, if it’s killed by a Musketeer, it auto-kills in return:

"You’ll take my life but I’ll take yours too,
“You fire your musket but I’ll run you through…”

  • The Trooper by Iron Maiden