Unusually low score

So I went 5/0 today. In the 5 matches, I’m pretty sure I only lost one troop. Matches weren’t that lengthy. Generated lots of mana. Have all unique troops set for defence.

Only scored 8750.

Never has this ever happened on a 5/0 day. I’ve lost multiple troops and had lengthy matches before and managed to score around 9300.

But 8750? Something can’t be adding up. Is this BS and/or happening to others?

maybe you have a second card in defense today from those who were in defense in previous days

I have 24 unique defence troops

is the number of points for 24 troops in defense equal to 12000?

yeah, it is.

The most obvious thing would seem off-color troops on your attack team.
If you were fully on color, then there is a problem.


strangely, the difference of 500 points between the expected and the result of the battles (based on your losses) just indicates that there are non-unique cards in the defense. if this is not the case, then correctly wrote Dust_Angel - check the colors of the attacking cards

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Did you use true damage troops?

some math wiz will come in here and say I am wrong, but I don’t think it is possible to score that low on GW if you win every game and have all colors and defend team all different. I have gone 5-0 and got down to my final troop (life and death) on every match and still scored over 9000. It has to be either OP missed one troop color, missed one defend troop…or if they are on console, the weird glitch that started GW cut some points off their score or this is a legit glitch…

Or I am just bad with math…lol

Thanks for the help. It was a non-colour troop that I had copied who knows how long ago

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