Until the Dragonite/Dungeon issues are resolved to your satisfaction, STOP SPENDING

  1. Dragonite. If you happen to be lottery level lucky and get enough perfect runs to get 500 dragonite, DO NOT SPEND IT. Wait until the devs “fix” is implemented. That will be in 6 months. Maybe. (Exception: if this is your first egg, go ahead and open it. They haven’t found a way to screw you on your first egg. Yet.)
  2. Gems on Dragonite. This will probably be the hardest not to do, but it’s exactly what they want. Don’t waste your gems on a broken, intentionally flawed mechanic.
  3. Real Money on the game. This is the ONLY thing they care about. Don’t buy anything until the drgaonite/dungeon issues are resolved. No campaign passes. No daily gems/maps, ect. No worthless weapons or cosmetic pets. No gems or gold or keys or mythics. Nothing.

I got 4 different dragons out of 6 crafted eggs. I will continue spending my dragonite on eggs every time I reach 500.
I spend gems on the daily dragonite offer because I earn enough on daily tributes to afford it.
I don’t spend money on gems or other special offers, but I will continue to buy the campaign passes because it’s a good deal and I want to support a game I like.

I don’t have any issues with the dungeons or dragonite, so I don’t need to wait until anything is resolved!

And yes, I may be in the minority here in the forums where it has become customary to just complain and make demands, or spread conspiracy theories about the evil devs, but most likely the silent majority just continues playing instead of threatening to leave or stop spending money.


Or they complain somewhere else.
Or they just leave.

You seem to be of the mindset that you can’t complain about things you don’t like in a game that you do like.

It’s no conspiracy theory when it’s proven to be correct or showing a pattern.

More boring grind is added to the game.
More monetization is added to the game.
More RNG is added to the game.

All of these things are demonstrably true.

Bugs that don’t affect the economy rarely get fixed.
QoL updates don’t exist.
Player feedback gets largely ignored.

I could go on and on.

It’s not that we’re complaining because we don’t care about the game. The opposite is true.

  1. Will they fix it, though? They said they’re looking at ways to target a specific dragon. But will they? And if so, how long will that take.

In theory that may be a good idea but if it will get anyone anywhere is another question.

  1. Don’t spend if you don’t make the gems. If you have to buy them, don’t. That would be my advice. On the alt I buy once a week.

  2. Sadly, youniwukd need to get the addicts to stop spending. Current game mechanics target the big spenders so a few people not buying campaign pass will not hurt them much if at all. And if we do, they will certainly come up with more ways to tap into the pockets of the whales.

In theory, this is also a good idea - but I doubt it will have any success. As long as they don’t care about the player base and the actual game, that will not do anything for us.


We do not know if the fix or what they come up with with buying specific dragons from the forge will cost. It may not be obtainable for dragonite for all we know.

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20k dragonite, 16 orbs of power, and your soul :rofl:


you forgot 1 mil Glory. :joy:


Sorry Devs, until you even up the odds it’s done. I can buy every day with 110k gems, but after 6 years of playing and earning my tributes, I will not spend another gem on it. 2/60 runs says it won’t get much better until you change the odds.


I wouldn’t conflate the slice of the community we see here on the forums with the “silent majority” or the overall game population at large. I’d bet a healthy amount that the slice of the community we see here on average spends a lot more time playing this game than the average GoW consumer – probably a lot more money, too, even if there are bunches like me who never have spent a cent on this game – and therefore notice these issues much more quickly (if at all). That many of them are so casual and in guilds so casual (if in a guild at all) that something like “the buy-in for an event to complete everything is too high” will never register with them.

If you’re somebody who plays a couple of minutes per day, maybe a couple of minutes every few days because Real Life throws enough at you that you simply don’t have (or choose) the time to escape to Krystara very often? To you, the overwhelming majority of this stuff would be Shakespeare’s “sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

It doesn’t make any of thise right, mind you, but it doesn’t register as a “problem” to a lot of people because it doesn’t impact them enough to be one.


Good for you :+1:

You are the perfect customer, you spend money on the game, doesn’t matter if it is on gems or Campaign pass and you don’t care about the direction the game is taking or the weekly bugs or the bugs that have been there for years or that they “forget” to put Arachnaean Weaver in the chest pool or that they rig chances.

Complaining costumers are customers that care. Costumers that has had enough will leave.
So we complain because we actually want to play, instead of just stop playing.
It is not about just complaining, because the complains are mostly documented or at least points to a suspicios behavior.
Some complains are mistakes and are often pointed out by the community too.

So it is great that you have so many daily gems, just don’t shout to loud about it, because then the daily gem gain will be reduced greatly or dissappear completely. They don’t like if we have too many ressources, that they could make money from.


One day your eyes will open. That day is sooner than you think. Spend away on a game that blatantly exploits the player.

you forgot 67 rainbow traitstones(sorry forgot the actual name) :rofl:

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hahaha, I forgot the 5 new currencies that is not implemented yet… :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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You mean doom dragonite and uber doom dragonite, doom cursed runes and uber doom cursed runes plus of course the hoard mimic dragonite that you get from the hoard mimic - but only if you have at least 4 copies of it and find a 5th. And then it has a 1% chance to drop.

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BS due to BS company. your choice

Is the fix so that I don’t keep getting the same dragon over and over?

The fix is, that you now get less dragonite as before and the same probability for another copy. Great deal imo… not.


Can I grind down a duplicate dragon and get 250 dragonite back?


Lol, Soylent Dragon.

That would be nice if there was a way to mulch your duplicate dragons into a consolation prize. Or, you know, make it so people can’t get more than 4 of each dragon when crafting them. But that’d be too reasonable of a solution.


Well, there is an expected update this month, which may or may not be related. It’s called “Treasures and temptations” on the roadmap.

I’m wondering if it’ll be next week because the class for the next new Kingdom (released Feb20) doesn’t appear on the spoiler site. It might not be in the game yet or they are just keeping it hidden.