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Until 3.5 is released (extra turn bug and AI difficulty)

Platform, device version and operating system**
_e.g. Android, Samsung Galaxy S9+

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
The bug it’s self is a known issue. 4 or 5 gem matches aren’t counting as an extra turn for the player. The AI is getting extra turns desire despite not making 4 or 5 gem matches.
The issue is the way the game’s difficulty is scaled is making it worse. When the AI is told to be super hard the bug is happening more often than when the AI is told to take it easy on the player.
During Revenge and Rival matches in Ranked PvP the AI is told to me more difficult than usual. I’m usually good with that. It makes sense. More Rewards than normal matches should be more difficult. But because of the bugs…I think it’s best that the difficulty is nerfed just for now. The bugs themselves make the matches hard enough to win. It doesn’t need the normal difficulty increase in it’s present state. Once 3.5 is released return the AI to the normal state.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since 3.4 was released. Lately, been finding it more related to revenge battles or “max difficulty” matches.

Steps to make it happen again
Play a revenge battle over the course of 1-2 hours with at least 10 revenge battles played. You’ll see the AI get crazy lucky. You’ll lose extra turns, the AI will gain them…


I’m not sure about them getting extra turns, but I have played a fair few hours this week and I can absolutely say with certainty that I’m losing turns on occasion. Some are because I forgot about doom blasting my match-4, but most are conversion or fair matches. I’ve almost just started accepting it as a cumulative loss… probably 1 every few hours.

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If not that. Then at the very least… “Extra turn” doesn’t always pop up on the screen.

This bug doesn’t appear more at higher levels of play or difficulty.

I don’t disagree.
What I’m trying to say is increased difficulty + bugs make it impossible to win sometimes instead of the intended difficulty of… Very hard to win matches being the highest difficulty.
Easy - Normal difficulty plus bugs make it frustrating, but still winnable.
So what I’m proposing is Easy-Normal difficulty Ranked PvP difficulty for everyone until 3.5 if released. Then it can go back to whatever y’all feel is fair for difficulty.

Currently the best way to overcome the increased difficulty (due to bugs) is just not play the game. Which shouldn’t be the answer to the issue.

We have a number of bug fixes coming with the next Update. (Which might be closer than you think…)


I hope so, the only new bugs I’d accept in the new update is an addition of an insect troop type.

My expectations on update times are now always soon ™. I’m not sure what can be closer than that. :wink:

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Well, there’s “Soon ™” and there’s" It’s been submitted so Soon ™."