Unsupervised Ads... shocking

In a game with as many bugs and inability to even display pictures I’m not shocked that no one in regulating ads.

Yet I just watched an ad for “Hims”. Which incase you don’t know from all their social media ads is a medicine for Erectile Dysfunction. And in the ad it makes it clear that it is to help sexual performance.

You ban people daily from your chat for sexual innuendo but have no problems making money off sexual ads. You have to be either kids accessible or not. You can’t have it both ways 505 Games.


Of course a company that perm bans people without context for incredibly obscure “bad words” that are actually common words in 90% of the world’s households, perm bans people for triggering a bad word filter, and perm bans innocent people who support the unjustly banned would be perfectly fine with a Hims ad.


I’m only getting ads for filing taxes, stupid “your brain is this age” puzzle apps, and zombie apocalypse games.

Not too long ago, it was always bouncy anime (.) (.) but erectile disfunction meds is on a whole other level.


Still happening two weeks later.

The word boner is banned in chat. But Boner pills are free to advertise. Seems like hypocrisy at it’s finest.

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