[Unrelated] Possible issue with upcoming Court of Foxes event

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Any except Switch

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A new faction, Court of Foxes, is going to get released on Friday, along with a weekend faction event. The troops all seem to have been finalized, one of them, Court Herald, still has the template cost of 3 mana though.

Of course, this is just peeking at the game files, it may already be on the radar, with an update pending. However, Gems of War is plagued by issues like this one getting overlooked. A 3 mana summoner on AI side that shows up on every delve level probably wouldn’t make this weekend a happy one. Please make the devs aware that they might still have to change the default to the correct mana value.


These are not finalized. I remember Spiritwalker’s 3rd trait was different than the game file on release.

Surprisingly, it won’t be a problem. Most people will spam the legendary’s true damage to all enemies which in that case the last one to die will be Shadow Fox since it has 25% spell damage reduction.

That being said, a 3 mana summoner is a bit silly.

Spiritwalker’s 3rd trait matched the in-game trait when the file revealed it. They just cleaned up the language hours before release.