Unlocking Portraits (Fixed)

So after the update yesterday all of my portraits unlocked retrospectively, except for all of the complete level 100 delve on each of the factions. I have all factions at level 500 (except for dark pits currently at 400), so I’d rather not have to go back and beat level 500 on each of the factions again to unlock these portraits. Is this likely to be fixed?

That’s intended and you have to complete them again.

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Sirrian wrote in global chat that they’ll look into unlocking portraits for those players that have already reached delve level 100, no guarantee it’s going to happen though.

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Hi there! The development team has since resolved this issue - please restart your game to prevent this from happening again.

Portraits unlock visually in the same way as Daily Tasks, so when you first login it might appear as if you have unlocked all these rewards but after opening your Chat Collections you will not see them all there. This is just the game acknowledging the new content and is a visual issue: only the Portraits you see in the Chat Collections are the ones you are actually meant to own.

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Cyrup, I just restarted and they are still locked up tight. Now what?


Still locked

Just in case you missed the known issues update, we’ve since resolved this and you should have old Level 100 portraits unlocked retrospectively! This doesn’t count for new portraits:

hi,i just checkt my portait’s and i found this faction portrait locked.My silver necropolis faction is lvl 500 already :confused: and i did play the exclusive factions weekly event when it came out and payd gems for all the tiers