Unlocking Guild roster

New guild from a different game migrating over to gems of war…what’s the fastest way to unlock the guild slots so I can get all my peeps in

I believe you need to earn trophies to unlock slots.

Yeah I think that’s right too…but not sure how many u need to open a slot… Been having everyone do the pvp and raid boss to get trophies right now

Hmmm you may also need to complete guild tasks. Never started my own guild, so it could be either one of those haha. Someone else may know for sure.

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Pretty sure it’s Guild Tasks, to increase Guild Level. Max number of slots is 30 for a Guild, but not sure what Guild level is required to unlock that (it’s not too much, although potentially more difficult for new players).

So try to do some PvP to earn Gold, preferably with Dragon Armor equipped (prioritise Blue Tasks for the Gems, then Red, then Yellow/Brown, maybe).

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That is correct! They unlock very quickly giving you a full open spots to work with.

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Level 20 of your guild will give you 30 slots.