Unlikely Heroes

Black Beast and Aziris are two troops who don’t seem to get any love. Here is a team using both:

Black Beast

Set banner to any of the four used; it’s unfortunate Khetar only grants armor. Set home kingdom to Swords Edge for Blue/Yellow bonus.

The newest troop, Fenrir, matches perfectly with Aziris. Fenrir grants life which Aziris desperately needs, as well as attack to make the skull generation much more powerful. I placed Black Beast in the front to utilize Fenrir’s beast bonus, and act as a tank after devouring Fenrir. Lastly, Celestasia is for mana generation and healing.

At the start of the match, focus on filling Celestasia up. Use its mana generation to fill up Black Beast and Fenrir. Cast Fenrir once or twice to gain enough attack on Black Beast to kill the highest enemy. Most troops should only require one cast, but a couple of legendaries, life/armor gainers, or a Hero will require two casts. Then, Devour Fenrir for even more attack and crazy defense on Black Beast. Once Black Beast can one hit any enemy, focus on filling Aziris. Celestasia can also help to fill Aziris, but might wipe a lot of skulls doing so. If there are plenty of skulls on the board, four fills of Aziris at 5 mana each is game over.