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Unity still causes unreasonable lag that Unity is unable to fix so Still NOT solved

Why can’t UNITY company solved these problems?

A cross platform Unity memory leak bug causing ~5 minute hangs due to memory issues must be effecting all of their games. After five months why no fix?

I don’t understand your assertion. There’s no evidence I’ve seen that Unity is going out of business.

Citation needed, otherwise this is just misleading clickbait.


That mean we will never get lag and chat fix lol

Unity has been unable to fix some memory leak that causes extreme lagginess across all gems platforms when entering troop menu, is that not correct? It’s been months with no fix by Unity.

@Cyrup or @Saltypatra can you get any info?

But do you have evidence this is affecting the market of other games?

I’m not sure if GoW is so important to the point of defining if a coding plataform should be ended or not… :thinking:

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Let’s say it’s true. That’s a pretty huge leap to “Is Unity going out of business?” That’s the equivalent of titling a news article, “Does Broccoli Cause Cancer?” or “Did Mister Politician Cheat on His Wife?”

In other words, intellectual dishonesty for eyeballs — and you aren’t even selling ads.


Everyone who has cancer drinks water or eat stuff that contains water… Water is dangerous…

@Sirrian a while back said it was a cross platform unity bug they have to wait for Unity to fix. Satly also said just as much during her last broadcast. It obviously can’t be gems specific.

But other games could probably rely less on memory usage due various technical factors, no?

It’s cross platform, I even bought an xbox elite to see if it would help (nope, but best blu-ray player out there)


Nice to see salty replying. Until I saw the silly non helpful stuff she posted.

Okay, I’m sitting down to reply to this. I uh, can’t believe I am sitting down to reply to this, but here goes…

  1. Unity is a very successful engine that is showing no signs of closing down.
  2. An engine is a big thing with a lot of moving parts. Something that affects our game in particular may not affect a myriad of other games. This is true of other games that experience different bugs, that may never be applicable to our game.
  3. A lot of different kinds of games are made in Unity. For example, gems of War, another example? Ori and the Blind Forest. These are very different games, with different needs in an engine. The same bugs aren’t going to affect these same games.
  4. Overall we are very happy using Unity! It has been an amazing change from Adobe Air, and gems of War runs better than ever on it. Is this bug unfortunate? Of course! However, it doesn’t make our game unplayable, and it will be fixed in the future.
  5. Why can’t we just speed up Unity? … To reference earlier, Unity is a BIG engine that services a lot of games. One doesn’t take priority over another, and they need to ensure that the needs of all of their customers and creators are met.

I hope this helps shed some light on the situation. :slight_smile:


Unity caused all platforms to be coded the same.
In light of this recent click bait. I say we go back to Adobe Air PC/Mobile… so we don’t have to wait a month for PS to approve a build. :yum:


One memory leak by one game won’t cause Unity to go out of business? NO WAY. :grin:


Thank you, Salty. Edited thread title to reduce confusion now that we’ve gotten an official reply.

and fixed your fix

Next time please file a bug report in a proper fashion. This showboating was totally unnecessary. Thank you!


This thread should be deleted. It’s just needlessly misleading.