Unity Changes (3.05 P.C / 3.1 rest of the systems) Changes that need to be rethought

Pre-update, when you opened the guild war rankings, the window would be centered on your guild. Now it opens scrolled all the way to top, which will always be in a completely different bracket (except for people in the top bracket). It would be nice if the previous arrangement were restored.


A change my guild would like to see are DROP DOWN menus for troop spells and traits rather than having to arduously click thru the list. Thanks :slight_smile:


That is the uber slider but I will break it out so it is clear that all those sliders need to be re-done

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thank you @Courtenay. I also added that we are missing the rank above us, and is showing two ranks below us, unlike before 1 up and 1 below.

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Got it. Will add :slight_smile:

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add counterintuitive reward tier sizes display:


Just started buying 115 glory packs from the shop. The new screen that shows what you just bought is a very bad idea. Before, when I bought, I clicked the speed arrow at the bottom right, and bought again. Fast and efficient. Now I have to close another window. This window adds nothing. I know what I just bought. It says “You won”. I won nothing; I purchased something. Please get rid of it! Thank you.


i remmember in past many ppl actually wanted the summary window for the received loot

but i agree its a waste of time for me, in most of cases

i think the best solution would be leaving it in options with an on/off toggle or something like this:

Loot summary: Always/Only Chests/Only New/Never


Any chance they can just roll back the whole troops window and give us what it was before?


You can click it away fast by double clicking the little double arrow icon.

The purchase button not immediately working is way more annoying.
You have to wait till it’s fully faded in before you can click it.

Thank you. It would be nice if they told you those things!

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yeah or displayed two buttons:

  • Jump to summary window [ Summary ]
  • Skip all [ Skip ]

I love that idea… plenty of room in the bottom right for another little square button :slight_smile:


Going to also harp on that summary screen one more time. When mass purchasing from the glory packs, it is not just one more click to dismiss the summary, its one more click way away from where the other ones are. I found myself going out of my way to load the game up in Nox just so I could purchase my weekly glory packs using the mobile interface to save myself some RSI and some frustration. If the summary screen is always going to be there, I at least want a way to mash through it, like I do with my post battle rewards.

EDIT: So, I just tested it and you can mash through the summary screen without having to click on the X, unlike the summary screens in the previous Adobe version. However, the button to purchase is extremely unresponsive still when you are trying to click through it like this.


I believe this is tied to an animation issue. The animation for the button pulse has to run once to allow the button to be responsive. I’ve found waiting a second after the window opens and then clicking causes no problems. This puts a spanner in the works of any speed buying though of course.


This is a bug, not a feature re-think. And it is already listed in the 3.05 bug reports.

Sorry not much I can do for adding it here since it’s been acknowledge as a bug

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somehow that doesnt work for me anymore :frowning:

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I would report the bug - might be a pc version specific issue

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more likely they fixed the ‘bug’ that was working before, :rage:

its specifically concerning PC only:

the method - double click the skip button - allowed to skip looting AND skipping the summary window.
maybe it was a bug but it was a great bug - most of the times i dont want to see the summary window…

now if i try to double click the skip button it will show the summary window no matter what

so im adding it here - to the “rethink” QoL thread - so its re-added or added in some other way

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What about the fake RNG? That anti-cluster, anti-gem spawners algorithm?

When I face a looping team I know it’s gonna be looping. That’s part of the challenge. It’s fun.

If there is any kind of doctoring to the true RNG that’s unfair. Unfair to me and unfair to my opponent. That’s cheating. There are no two ways about.it.
And if the game cheats with gem creating, where else does it cheat? How can I be sure of anything anymore?

Please bring back the true RNG.

Also this:

And this:

This cheating “bad luck” algorithm needs to go asap.