Unity Changes (3.05 P.C / 3.1 rest of the systems) Changes that need to be rethought

I believe this is tied to an animation issue. The animation for the button pulse has to run once to allow the button to be responsive. I’ve found waiting a second after the window opens and then clicking causes no problems. This puts a spanner in the works of any speed buying though of course.


This is a bug, not a feature re-think. And it is already listed in the 3.05 bug reports.

Sorry not much I can do for adding it here since it’s been acknowledge as a bug

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somehow that doesnt work for me anymore :frowning:

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I would report the bug - might be a pc version specific issue

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more likely they fixed the ‘bug’ that was working before, :rage:

its specifically concerning PC only:

the method - double click the skip button - allowed to skip looting AND skipping the summary window.
maybe it was a bug but it was a great bug - most of the times i dont want to see the summary window…

now if i try to double click the skip button it will show the summary window no matter what

so im adding it here - to the “rethink” QoL thread - so its re-added or added in some other way

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What about the fake RNG? That anti-cluster, anti-gem spawners algorithm?

When I face a looping team I know it’s gonna be looping. That’s part of the challenge. It’s fun.

If there is any kind of doctoring to the true RNG that’s unfair. Unfair to me and unfair to my opponent. That’s cheating. There are no two ways about.it.
And if the game cheats with gem creating, where else does it cheat? How can I be sure of anything anymore?

Please bring back the true RNG.

Also this:

And this:

This cheating “bad luck” algorithm needs to go asap.


Not saying gem spawns aren’t worse than they used to be before the patch, 'cause they absolutely are, but do you know if it ever was true rng? Maybe it was rigged all along, even before the patch, just with more favorable outcomes.


That’s my point exactly! If there is no true RNG there’s no way of knowing if the game’s cheating or not.

And even now even if all the devs personally came here, to my place, and told me that they’d implemented the true RNG I’m not sure I would believe it.
The trust is ruined.

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What i was trying to say, what if true rng is actually making spawners bad?
What if we are currently much closer to true gem spawn rng then we used to be before the patch, when spawners were actually decent? What if spawners needed rigged gem spawn to perform well and consistent enough to be viable?

Anyways, i do get your point and kinda share the feeling, but i don’t particularily care for the spawns being true rng, i just want them to be back to exactly the mechanics they used to be before this whole mess, be it true rng or rigged.


No way my Elemaugrim and Kraken can miss so consistently with 15+ gems of their color on the board. If that’s true RNG than my bad luck is of cosmic proportions!
And I’m not the only one who’s experiencing it. The probability of this being random is next to zero.

At least we agree that this anti-gem spawner patch was a mistake.


Absolutely, i was just speculating about the reason why it takes them several updates to the spawn mechanic to try and bring back spawners were they used to be before this mess.

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I believe its taking so many iterations because they are still tweaking the invisible hand that alters RNG in regard to drops. @Mithran was on point last week calling for no ‘shenanigans’ as a starting point for Gem spawners

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Also please make gem counter available at all times (not only when casting a spell).
Something like this:

Right now the rays around the (red in this case) gem and the size of the gem itself indicate that there is a storm of that color (and how many tuns are left can be seen in the brackets). But it can be anything similar as long as it show how many gems and skulls are on the board at all times.

Edited: Made the pic a bit prettier.


Btw can we bring back the avatars to the pvp victory/defeat screens?

Right now PC looks like this:

And I have seen all the troops’ graphics a million times.

While mobile looks like this:

which is nice because you can see what avatars ppl have. Who you’re fighting. That makes pvp less boring and less repetitive.


I LOVE that idea!

It is only for storms. It is not a general feature. It is a specific feature for storms.

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Updated. Please remember this is PC only. Mobile has not completed it’s port. Issues there should be reported under bugs.

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But i’d like to know how many which gems are on the board at any given time. Say, when an enemy is about to cast a gem-related spell, or when I’m almost ready to do so.
I would like the gem counter to be a general feature.


That would fall under feature request and there is a forum category for that. These are 3.05 changes that need to be re-thought, not new features :slight_smile:

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Oh. Well. Yeah, I guess. Thanks! Gonna post it there

On the other hand they already have such a feature as a gem counter, here:

It just isn’t available unless you’re ready to cast the spell. And, like in the Giant Spider case, it’s very uninformative because it only shows the number of purples but not other colors.

So @Taisiakat since they already have a gem counter mb my request can fall under the improvement category?