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Units that change position

Unfortuantly with the amount of Dust Devil that occur on the raid boss team we as a community are reminded that there are positioning bugs still in effect. My goal is just to make sure the Devs are aware of these issues and will take steps to try to fix them.

Example: PC

This happened 3 weeks ago as well during the bounty.

A few of my guildmates had a similiar bug with submerged units.

Luckily the game is still playable and perhaps that’s why there is no urgency to fix it. Hopefully it continues to be.

I had the dust devil glitch too, happened yesterday playing raid on X1.

You say it is still playable, but on your last screenshot the Champion is covering four gems. I had that happen to me in the Bounty and it hosed me a couple times. I definitely do not consider that “playable”.

(For example, is the left hand vertical brown match a 3 or a 4? In many cases it is very important to know that.)

This dust devil glitch also happened to me twice earlier today in raid (I play on PC). I was still able to play the overlapping troops.

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That’s a small price to pay for knowing that your troop had a nice holiday trip across the board…

Well it’s playable in that you can retreat or quit and it will work again.

However this should be unacceptable for any game since it causes the player to put themselves in a unwinnable situation. Since this error happens in game mode which encourage a higher income of gems the consequences include that until this error is fixed there is a chance multiple players won’t purchase gems or event packages.

Thanks for the screenshots. This is a known issue which we hope to fix soon.

We have looked into this issue and we were able to fix several places where this was occurring in the 3.4 Update.

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