Unique Guild Opportunity!


Hi - we have another opening and we’d be glad to have you join us. You need to leave your current guild first in order for me to be able to send the invite. Let me know when you’ve clicked “leave” and I’ll send it out. We communicate via Guild chat - feel free to leave a message there with any questions or suggestions. If there’s a task item you need, just start the task and one of the members who have already upped their kingdoms will hop on and complete it. Gold is appreciated, but seals are the most needed contribution. We play Guild Boss and Invasion if/when you’re interested. Cheers!


Hi – not sure if you got my message. We’d be glad to add you to the guild, but you need to leave your current guild before the game will let us send you an invite. Let us know when you’ve clicked “leave” and we’ll send one out if you’re still interested.



Bumping - guild is really working together nicely now but we’ve got two more places from inactives opening up shortly if anyone’s interested.


Γειά σου Σπύρο!


Bumping - join us!