Unfair board strategy

As much as i love playing this game, i also find it can be extremely frustrating, Example, i have been trying to win a match(10th time) and in the beginining i will receive the gem colors needed to build up my troop in play, but as soon as i cast my first strike, its all over from there, the other team seems to gets 4 gems, skulls, plus the colors needed and seems like they receive at least a minumum of 4 turns in a row, naturally gaining the advantage of wiping me out WITHOUT the chance of fair game to do the same, i often wonder if these boards are purposely rigged. I would love to hear others opinions or suggestions regarding this matter. One more question, i have leveled a few of my troops to the max and yet to get the chance to add ascentions or traits so they are at stand still and cannot move forward, how can i get them to receive acsentions and traits?

To ascend a troop you need multiple copies of the card, the number you need sacrifice is displayed on the ascension tab (the number show how many will be lost so you need 1 more than the number you see there).

To get traits you need farm traitstoones doing Explore on realms, from trait tab if you click/select a traitstone the game tell you on which kingdom you can get those, to be able to explore you need that kingdom unlocked and quests done.

Not sure how you cant “win a match” (that’s vague a LOT), hope you arent trying to do all dungeons or 3 trophy’s pvp seen seem you just started the game kinda.

Answering the first question: it’s about luck, so it must not be always fair. Based on my experience, good luck is usually biased to the stronger side.

When the AI wants you to lose, it makes you lose no matter what.

Yesterday for example i was using a brown based team with Titan / Mountain Crusher.
The hero trait had dust storm at start.

Now no matter what i did and even after casting the Mountain Crusher the board didn’t give more than 7 browns which was scattered about not allowing me to match them eventually costing me the game.

It’s purely luck or RNG but it does feel unfair when things like this happen.

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That’s been my deal from the start. Humans do not remember their experiences equally. We put more emphasis on negative than positive experiences. This is because our ancient brains are geared for survival, not playing gacha games. That means we put more emphasis on “one time a jaguar devoured a man here” vs. “a jaguar has only been in this area once in the past twenty years”.

So I don’t remember every instance of the day where my team completely locks down the board and wins on the first move, even though it happens fairly often. What I remember are the games where the CPU got the luck stick and beat me with it.

I’ve played an awful lot and when I’m lucid, I have to admit it does feel like this happens roughly as often as I would expect. It happens differently based on which teams I use.

For example, when I use Skeleton Key teams, things go pear-shaped when I get a board that doesn’t start with much red or green and continues to be skimpy with them. The end result of a bad Skeleton Key start is usually the opponent kills my Egg Thief or, worse, the hero, and it’s smarter for me to retreat than let the battle go on at that point.

But when I use my Flammified Yao Guai team, that’s only like 1% of my failures because it has more color redundancy. The way that team fails is when I take a risk with Flammifer and the gems don’t line up right. That passes a board that’s completely filled with red gems to my opponent, who cascades and hands me my head on a platter.

Here’s my point: if the AI luck were some weirdo forced-loss situation, I don’t think my doom would come in a different form based on my team. Instead, when I sit down and analyze each loss, I usually find I took some risk and got the expected outcome of if that risk failed.

Very, very few games come down to actual weirdo luck, and this weekend I saw both sides of it. I lost a sigil to one bounty match because the AI avoided an obvious 4-match to make a weirdo 3-match that cascaded into 2 skyfall skull matches. “LAME!”, I felt. The very next match, I had an absolute garbage board in the middle of the game and made a boring 3-match that cascaded into 3 skull matches that won the game. C’est la vie.

I think those skyfall matches are the most problematic, because they feel the worst. I see the CPU miss a 4-match all the time, but the situations where it “magically” seems to get a skull match for ignoring the obvious move really sticks out in my head. And, as I described above, it’s harder for me to remember when I do a mundane match that escalates.

The AI isn’t making you lose. But it’s possible you are in situations where the definition of “lucky” encompasses more states than usual on either side. This game works because our troop choices dramatically alter what “lucky” means and how likely it is!

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It have never beed rigged in any ways. But that’s how humans work, we’ll rather remember and emphasiz the 10 times it didn’t work, than the 90 times it did work.

I actually think the AI level have been reduced lately, as it happens pretty often that AI prioritize a worthless match 3 and forgets the skull match or the 4/5 gem match next door (happened extremely seldom before). So it feels like AI is dumber now than 2-3 months ago.

People forget that Cyrup worked hard on these game guides.