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Unexplained Dishonoured

Hello people I’m hoping someone can help me I logged on during the night to play GoW and for reasons unbeknown to me (not fully anyway) I have 3 accounts dishonoured.

I have my PlayStation shared with 3 people so each person has an account and I know before I got on my account that one of the people in my house someone had an argument with someone and it got heated, all 3 accounts say ban for inappropriate chat and banned for 0s.

So is it a console ban or a glitch?

They’re going off IP address in this case.
Your best bet to discuss a ban or “dishonor” is to do an actual ticket.
They won’t discuss it with you on a public forum.

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Ah ok, seems slightly harsh considering it was 1 person, doesn’t say how long ban is 0s does that mean permanent?

Awryan thank you I done that earlier and contacted a Moderator in private messages, thank you for your help it’s appreciated

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