"Undisclosed" limits? Really?

I thought it was a rule. Don’t lie to your player-base.

Telling people the troop is available, and then making it UNavailable without telling them is a blatant disrespect for peoples time. It is lying. False advertising.
The advertisement says it is available, it SHOULD be available.
I spent 8 hours yesterday looking for these Devils. It took me 4 hours to get my first one, the next came within 20 minutes of the first.
And then another 2 hours spent today - so for the last 6 hours I have spent grinding low level explores (something I never do because I don’t like doing it, btw), I have been farming for this troop, and coming away with nothing.

I am okay with limits. I am not objecting to limits or caps - I am objecting to the underhanded approach that wastes hours of peoples time for no reason.
If you’re going to have a limit - make sure it is known. Don’t lie to your playerbase by saying something is available for them to get, and then make it secretly unavailable to them - for ANY reason.

Because in the end, you might squeeze an extra few hours out of people grinding their way through this event - but it does you no good if they quit afterwards.


A lack of transparency is why gamers don’t trust game devs anymore whether its AAA or indie. I’m afraid if IP2 keeps disregarding their playerbase with incidents like this, then they’ll end up losing their goodwill and their bottom line will suffer for it


Maybe they decided to put it behind a pay wall

If you are going to impose limits on drops, you need to be a lot clearer about it. A message hidden in a forum post is not adequate notification. I don’t normally visit the forums, like many people.
If the in-game events window says it’s available, it should be available. Limits should be clearly stated IN-GAME - in order to be upfront with your player-base.

“Oh, but you’ve got to open your browser and visit our homepage and go to the forum and spend an hour digging around there until you find our mysteriously labelled details about the specific availability of the new card…”

No. Not unless your in-game advertisement says so. It would need to state that there are limits to availability. Providing a link to click to see the details would be great too.
(Yes, there is a Learn More button - clicking it does nothing.)