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Understanding The Current Times

So, I’m having trouble understanding how exactly Zephyros works in regards to his multiplier.

Does he have the yellow gems he destroys turned into damage and added to his base damage, then multiplied by three? Or does he have the gems turned into damage, have that value multiplied separately, then added to his total?

All I know is that he does massive damage.

Based on the description, it should be yellow gems x 3, then that amount added to (Magic + 5). Haven’t tested this personally though. Are you getting a result other than this?

100% correct

He really doesn’t, compared to several other split damage troops.

Have a math equation.

Zephyros Damage = Base Magic+5+(3xYellows Destroyed)+Kingdom Bonuses

Here I am, jumping in this thread only to enjoy the pun in the title. :sunglasses: