Underspire - ZAEJIN teams


Method to keep spamming King Gob and Queen Grapple :-

Try to keep Rockstabba charged to explode a wish star, making sure the star is next to a GREEN gem (diagonally counts) which will activate Gobmother and refill mana on all your troops. You can use King Gob to put a green gem near a star. You should be able to finish the match with the enemy hardly getting a turn.

It is quite a fast team which easily beats all kingdoms on Explore 12 so should be good to the final boss.

I am also using this team for the World Event " Ghostbustin’ "


Don’t have gobmother yet, but there are quite a few variations of the classic PVP goblin team. This is my favorite; it also works fine with gobttuffle in the last slot, or with elementalist class instead of thief: [6784,6783,1285,7105,3049,1,1,2,1,2,3,2,14017]


I came up with an alternative for a guildy without Gobmother. This too is quite fast and works on a similar method.
You need to fill Exploadstool and Wand then fire Wand - then Exploadstool. This should set off a cycle of refills to spam King and Queen.


Gob and Grapple are really the only decent attack troops imo.
Using troops that hit only one target makes the match extremely slow.


I’ve been running a Black Beast with summoner team, myself…

Mind, I don’t bother trying to go much farther than the second boss so I don’t get to the super high enemy levels that appear in the latter half of the map.

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In my opinion, this is one of the easier/easiest Underspires out there. Sure, there’s a lack of raw offensive power that so many other regions feature, but Goblins synergize very well on their own and you can go a very, very long way if you can just keep the turn and keep looping.

I’m running the following: Toadsqueezer, Gobtruffle, Norbert’s Turnip (Thief), Stringfiddler. Merlantis Banner (+2 blue, +green, -yellow).

Freeze will be a nuisance, but only if the enemy freezing troops get to cast. (Or if my Toadsqueezer starts trying to skull the Frozen Sentinel.) Otherwise my plan is pretty simple: cast Gobtruffle every time he fills, cast Norbert’s Turnip and Toadsqueezer on selected targets to knock them down faster, hold Stringfiddler for mana generation as needed – it’s often not required, because Gobtruffle and Turnip fill each other.

I’m going without my usual summoner this week; that’s how confident I am in this set-up.


Sounds good to me. Anyone who thinks that these goblin teams are too slow, must never have been clobbered by them back in the day…

Anyway, my actual team is:

  • Black Beast
  • Hellcackle
  • Bomb Rider
  • Thief + any summon Weapon (Gobsticker, etc)

Charge the Beast and Hero as a pair, devour either of the middle Troops (which may trigger Backup talent for a free lunch), refill empty spots by casting the hero as needed.