🔞 Impure is recruiting

Hi all.
Impure is a social, harsh-casual guild, founded 6 weeks ago. We’re a bunch of mature filthy addicts who enjoy their color-matching while having not so mature chats.
Our weekly requirements are:

  • 1.000 seals
  • 50 trophies
  • Gold: your level*300 (if you’re level 100, requirement is 30.000 gold).
    What we look for: english speaking adult who uses (or is willing to try to use) Discord. We’d prefer player who has finished leveling his/her kingdoms or is near finishing, but it’s not a must.
    What we offer: stupid jokes, impure thoughts, 40k seals (almost every week), 2-3 finished guild tasks and others at least at level 5. We are at rank 630-ish and progressing fast.
    If you have additional questions or want to join, feel free to PM me or @Gerry1366 or reply to this thread.
    We have 1 spot!

Looking forward to meet you!

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