Undead vs Bleeding

With the addition of the new stats Bleeding i found myself with a curious situation, my Skelebro was afflicted with it, that put me to think:

  • All Undeads should be immune to it?

Skeletons don’t have blood, Zombie types of undeads doesn’t care as their rotten blood has no function, Spirit/Ethereal types also doesn’t have blood, Vampiric Types i assume can control their blood flow to stop hemorragies or at least seal the wound superficially until they can fully regenerate it and finally the two “Cursed Types” like Pharos Ra and Fallen Valdis (both looks quite alive) would be in a similar situation of Zombies in the sense that their blood, if they have any (Pharos could have sand and Valdis could have ashes instead of blood) has no function on their bodies, as the curse just keep them.

Alastair could be a Zombie or maybe he is also a special “Cursed Type” of undead by the way.


Yeah, but if we start doing that, we would also have to make most if not all constructs/mech immune as well. A very slippery slope, I fear.

Well Constructs and Mechs are on a long overdue need for a rework they can be poisoned and very few people even bring attention to it mostly because Poison is useless unless you have Scorpius.

My question is, are all these immunities going to replace other traits?
or is it gonna be blanket immunity to all, plus they have their three traits? There could be a lot of downsides here.

Lol I can see the forum posts now: WHY DID YOU CHANGE A TRAIT ON “whatever” TO THIS! THE OTHER TRAIT WAS BETTER!

It can just be added to the current Racial trait of all Undeads (Undying). The impact is positive and at some point the Mechs/Constructs should have a Racial trait covering some immunities too.


headdesks I forgot about the Undying trait. Never really thought of it as a Racial trait though.

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What you want reminds me of a very special mode of play in Magic called “flavor judging”, where if you can convince the other player or a flavor judge that the interaction you describe makes sense based on the story, it is allowed whether it’s printed or not. It doesn’t really make for a balanced game, but it’s a hoot!

In context, I’m hesitant to call for any widespread resistance to a status effect that technically doesn’t exist yet. I mean, it’s in the game, and a handful of troops can cause it, but it seems a little early to suggest entire tribes should be immune.

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Considering the speed at which we get such updates there is no such a thing as “early”…

When i originally suggested/mentioned such stats in the past i should probably have considered this and put in huge letters what troops should be immune to in the first place.

Slippery slope or not Razzagor has a point. Skeletons have indeed no blood and al the other things he wrote are making sense as well… :thinking:

I only support this change if all Daemons are permanently Cursed and are dealt lethal damage when Blessed. Conversely, Divines should be permanently Blessed and dealt lethal damage if Cursed.

(Also Infernus should be immune to Burn damage.)

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