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Unable to post a link in announcement -chat

Hi I’m trying to post my guilds discord link and keep getting a pop up saying the announcement is invalid. Iv re-checked the link and there is nothing wrong with it, its under 40 characters so am confused why its not working.
Any help is greatly appreciated

No links allowed in chat?

We used to have the discord link until the new update and I don’t know if links are banned now from the chat or its my error.

Depending on the link it could be a special character problem. I fully understand not sharing it publicly but does it have a hyphen, underscore, or backslash? Not that links are clickable or copyable in chat anyway so exact format is unimportant.

you have to copy any link and than put it in with strg+v (ofc only on pc )

Hi thanks for replies I will try that strg+v and if it works ill come back and let you know :crossed_fingers: