Unable to have new weapons of Vulpacea

Nintendo Switch Platform

new kingdom Vulpacea is unlocked this week, the weapon orb of vulpacea and vulpine protector are not in the soulforge. is iap the only way to get them? 49.99usd for vulpacea? and unable to have orb of vulpacae if you close the pop-up offer for starters…then i am about to complaint about the iap system of NS platform again, we cannot buy iap exclusive weapons, our power level of about 10 kingdoms are stuck because of that, daily offer keeps pushing stupid contents to us. and this issue has been submitted many times.
plz be clear about how to have those two new weapons, and plz try fixing the iap problem of NS, if possible.

Vulpine protector should be available once you level up. It’s a mastery weapon.
However it took a long time for us to get Orb of Vulpacea in Soulforge (only next weekly kingdom) on other platforms.


Hello, :slight_smile:

The Orb of Vulpacea is the slayer weapon so it should be available to you by either purchasing the weapon pack while playing the story or through crafting it in the soulforge.

And the Vulpine Protector should be given to you the next time they level up if you meet gem mastery requirement.

Please let me know if there is any confusion!

thanks Bramble for the quick respond. sorry about the Vulpine Protector, I just realized that it can be acquired when leveling up.
But the Orb of Vulpucea is not in the soulforge, I went through the topic posted back when PC was unlocking Vulpacea to find out this weapon can only be soulcrafted next time Vulpacea is the weekly kingdom(i thought it was a bug to be fixed). so does it mean that we will also have to wait for the next Vulpacea week to soulcraft Orb of Vulpucea?

Jeto has relied me about this issue, guess we’ll have to wait for the next round

Orb of Vulpacea is in the Soulforge as of today (or yesterday?). Well, at least today I was able to craft it (also Skulking Shot).