Unable to change teams

when selecting explore or pvp battle, I cannot change to a different screen, when clicking on the team icon, the list goes black and nothing appears

Try scrolling/dragging the black space up/down

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thnx, it worked, never seen this before though

Yeah it happens when you use the last team slot and go back to choose other teams

Thanks for helping noob!

@wizowezhalb, could you please let me know

  1. Your operating system and device (if on PC or mobile)
  2. For PC users, what screen resolution you have set for Gems of War.
To check your screen resolution on PC (if you get the time):
  1. Open Gems of War
  2. When the "preparing to launch " pop-up appears, hold down the Shift button on your keyboard
  3. In the GemsofWar Configuration menu, note down the screen resolution
  4. You can close this menu or select Play to continue
* **Note** : If the following window does not appear, close Gems of War and re-open it. This time hold down  **'** Shift **'**  before the "Preparing to launch..." box appears.