Unable to change PvP Defenders (PC)

I tried so many times and so many different things and no matter what I did, it just would not let me set a new defense team.

Eventually I think I figured out how to do it. It doesn’t work every time, but it works often.

Don’t get me wrong–this issue is definitely bugged–this is just a workaround:

  1. Set your defense team
  2. Immediately close PvP
  3. Open Mail

Mail probably sends game state to the server and server state to the player.

In the past, playing PVP with a result was always enough to firmly set the Defenders, but something changed with the PC/Unity update and now that doesn’t work reliably.
It hasn’t worked for me AT ALL.

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I have found the same problem. What works for me is changing to a team I dont want to use, then clicking on the leaderboard, then back to defenders, then putting the real defensive team in I want and then clicking on leaderboard.

When that doesnt work, I get five chicken bones, arrange them in a circle, I write the name of the defense I want use on a piece of paper and then I set it on fire in the circle.

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