Ugggghhh 3.0 cant come fast enough

This has been all week… I could barf every time i see bone dragon or whitehelm as home kingdom

I know im beating a dead heffalump here but still…


i wonder will bone dragons be actually less popular in guild defense teams or not…

Three outcomes:

  • fix nerfs it to an unusable state: we never see them again… tbh I wouldn’t cry…
  • fix fails to address issue and still makes mathematically too many skulls… GW will be BDW every day…
  • best outcome: fix leaves BD viable but balanced, say on par with other legendaries we actually see, like Gorgotha, maybe Mab, ideally not EK… and we see it sometimes, especially on brown or purple day

Thats a good question… I dont have a problem beating a BD team but im weary of repeated battles against courage deep borer BD famine combination

Do you always select the 3-trophy match? Or is your team score high enough that all three opponents are W/C/BD/F teams?

I change invade teams frequently to avoid burnout but the team score is always 7500+

The BD build changes slightly for instance i have seen:

It just gets very repetitive

In fact the coolest battle i have fought this week is one i lost
Gards avatar

if the weekly event gives extra 5 glory in pvp - i just do 1trophy battles for entire week for more glory/time ratio :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m to the point I grind out my trophies and stop playing.

18 Months of Bone Dragon has been enough. True Shot/BD, Maw/BD, and still today’s Bone Dragon.

I wish they’d have fixed him back in the True Shot days.

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Not to flog a (un)dead horse… I was always puzzled why he wasn’t corrected when every other gem-creator was adjusted to not scale gem numbers with Magic stat…

Interestingly: pretty sure these are not the worst broken troop meta days we’ve survived… the Webspammer days were worse…


Yep with Webspammer you never got your turn back and rage quitted in frustration. At least with BD it’s a quick death if we lose the brown/purple race :wink:

In any case i am afraid that Bone Dragon will stay the fire-when-ready-and-kill-stuff braindead troop it is.
I remember somewhere back the Devs stating they are very happy with BDs basic concept which sadly is exactely that, to fire whenever ready regardless of the situation, or the board constellation, fire-kill something everytime it is ready.
Reducing the produced skulls will hopefully make it less overwhelming but it won’t make the troop any more fun to face.

Ironically the reason the Devs gave when they adjusted Sheggra was this: "The last of the Magic-based gem spammers, we thought that we might be able to leave Sheggra alone. Sadly, no. We would like casting Lava Strike to be all about picking the right time, and it had really gotten to the point where EVERY time was the right time. To compensate, we’ve reduced her spell cost a Little. "

Somehow this standard doesn’t apply to Bone Dragon i guess, cause the basic concept of the troop means EVERY time is the right time…


Yeah Webspinner was definitely worse at the time, the game has actual counterplay now so things can get beaten no matter how OP they are. But its a pain for sure.

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I do that too and when it’s double traitstones.

My only problem right now is that the only way to really avoid BD is to use a 1-troop defense, which often gets in the way of the weekly events. It’s either that or fire up the same invade team over and over again. Either way, it sure has sucked the fun out of the game. I kind of sleepwalk through PVP anymore.

So yeah, looking forward to 3.0. :slight_smile:

I’m still really enjoying pvp, and i’m half surprised the photo you put up didn’t have me in it. :smile:


So you’ve managed to weather the Bone Dragon Era by USING Bone Dragon?


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Exactly, if you can’t beat 'em join 'em!

With that being said i’m still for changes. New traits, spells, BD, etc. Anything to bring some freshness to pvp.


That’s like getting through WWII by joining the Nazis isn’t it? ^^


Oh look, another Bone Dragon thread! :sleepy: :-1:

Feel like changing it anytime soon?