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U.N.S.C guild and issues with messages

Hi, my name is Leona and I used to be in the U.N.S.C guild. As much as I would like to say good things about this guild, there is one thing I am really annoyed with. I was recruit and after trying my best to increase and move up into the guild ranks, I wasn’t promoted. I was going on holiday for a week and tried to contact the guild leader to let them know I was off for a week and will continue to give my donation to the guild once i came back but since being a recruit, no message was not allowed or put on activity page. My friend was kind to log me in to give donations and I came back into the guild. Today I logged in and found out I was kicked out due to this. I wish there was a system to contact and chat to members so important messages can be heard and people don’t get kicked out for holidays or important buisness.