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♥️ Tyrant Recruiting ♥️ ( currently bracket 1, rank 23) 2 spots open

Tyrant is now recruiting! A guild war oriented guild ! Finishing all normal tasks and several legendary tasks every week.
Welcome to join us and fight along.

Min. lv. 400
Own most cards and have them fully traited.
1500 seals and 300k gold a week
Guild sentinels min. level 5 4 2 5
Participate in all the guild war battles (daily participation recommended but not mandatory)
no trophy requirements

Anyone interested please leave a message or PM me. Thanks


We don’t give much pressure on the time you spend on GW or amount of games,but encourage increasing the quality of your each game.Members in Tyrant spend much time discussing about tactics and skills,and give out many decks for GW,against the worsing environment ,especially in the Guild War nowdays.That’s how we can keep ourselves Bracket 1 , even always with the several seats untaken. So,if you wanna an active group to improve your game experience in GW ,Welcome to Tyrant !

that’s cool.tyrant’s change. :imp:

2 spots open now

No, should be 2 spots.

Tyrant is still on recruiting. Players are welcomed to contact us to join.

Hello, I’m looking for an independent guild , if my profile grabs your interest please contact me Marsha_32
#2911, so we can talk about it . level 1306 ,2000 + trophies ,interested in GW

I am interresed to a spot in tyrant 2 if thé guild still exist
I am an average semi retired player who may be want to came back to play again