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Two serious players looking for a guild

Hi everyone,

My friend and I are looking for a new guild. We are currently in a top 50 guild that has been dying for a few weeks now. He is level 1150 and I am 250 (I just started end of September). Both of us are from Canada, if that is important. We both play a lot and have no issues completing seals and all other guild tasks.


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You could join my guild were not the best but if you’re interested send me you’re invite codes :grin:

I’m level 248

Sent you a pm

The scubadivers have 3 openings.
Guild ranked 475 level 293.
No gold requirements for lower ranked players. We do count on event participation.
Seals? If possible 1500, for lower ranked players 1000.
Any interested parties just reply with your invitecode.
Hope to welcome you soon in our merry bunch. :vulcan_salute: :crazy_face:

I thought you were pc/mobile?

I am, but does that matter?
There are al kinds of players in our guild.
Or was your answer not ment for me?

It does matter when the post is in PS4 recruitment and not PC :joy:

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What mld said :+1:t2:
It’s a PS4 recruitment thread which is why I was querying it :wink:

Welcome to quimby :+1:t2:

Anishinabe is level 813 Ranked 145, recruiting for 2 high quality players. 250k, 1500s, 250t. Guild activity is expected. Guild Wars bracket 8, Sentinels to level 3 min… 40k and LTs.
PC/Mobile…Wpg Mb.

1-it’s a PS4 recruitment thread
2-they have a home :+1:t2:

It says they are PC/Mobile so I advertised. Thanks for the heads up!

Well I’m certainly reading PS4 :wink:


If you wanna change things up the Nordic Vikings, #1 guild, and bracket one guild wars is recruiting. 30 + leg tasks and a great helpful and humorous community. Message ihavespoken2 if interested