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Two people looking for top 30 guild

Looking for a top 30 guild with active members., 15+ legendary tasks per week.

We donate 400K-600K gold per week, do 1500 deals and 300-500 trophies, guild war with top scores.

Level 633 and 580ish.

I have space for both of you in honor guard.

Honor guard rank 30 recruiting! Mins- 250t, 1300s, 550k, GW daily. LTs/40k/GWbr2/3

sorry, looking for 300+ trophies and 1500 seals guilds. but thanks!

carnivores #17 looking for 2 players who can do 400k gold(min) ,350+ trophies and 1.5k seals

dili_1 and dawood_70 thanks!

sent to both of you