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Two-Mythic Kingdoms: Which to Craft?

Have you experimented with any Maraji Queen setups? I’m thinking there may be ways to get away with just two mono-color troops without being too unreliable, but I could be wrong.

The only reason Vespera ever fails to loop in a mono color team is because she does one of her own off colors once or more. Having another troop with multiple colors would make her far too much of liability to consider seriously.

you can usually get away with 2 mono troops, shahbanu, and a dual type.

Dwarven Gate, Dwarven Gate, Shahbanu Vespera, Rope Dart - Frostmage is pretty fun lol.

Shahbanu Vespera can be strong but is slow. Its not really ideal unless you must win the match at all costs…

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Shahbanu is junk?

No way.

Remember that L&D problem?

All the threads on nerfing it?

Here’s an unlikely solution.

Doomed Gavel

Stormcaller - Unicorn banner

Use it and losses will be a thing of the past. I’d say 99% success rate in maybe 5-600 L&D battles since release of Gavel. I think I’ve had, maybe 2 or 3 losses. 1 was a freak Rising Shadows that killed extra troops and the others were complacency on not looking at the opponent much! I’d say I’m 100% since figuring out how to use Mercy a little better nuanced to L&D.

Ideally a mono coloured troop works in last slot but Mercy works pretty welll. Gavel cleanses yellow and silences first troop. You can put it in slot 2 if you want vs other stuff if you want it casting faster.

For fun, Luna works excellently too but not vs L&D as well.

Vanya I sometimes use as well as Taloca. Neither work as well vs L&D though.

It doesn’t work vs Goblins and fast Dual empowered as well, but Is pretty good vs most, and there’s other teams for them.


Thanks for the heads up Xolid.

Why does that team fall short against Goblins? The main weakness I’m seeing is it’s a bit slow to do high damage, but Finesse and Gavel will be doing big damage after some looping (especially Gavel).

Good in scaling content, usable in non-scaling content - I’m leaning towards taking Vespera out of the tossup category based on all the info I’m seeing here. MegaQ was correct in describing Scorpius’s limitations, and Vespera seems to be very reliable in a lot of different scenarios.

Anything that’s not quick doesn’t work vs Goblins, so that team’s achilles heel is one missed cast and vs teams that keep the turn, it’s not good. Against say Daughter of Ice, ZG, Drowned Sailor, JoE, it struggles because it needs a little time. Mercy helps it better than anything though, so it’s maybe a 50/50 vs that. It really does work great vs most with Luna, sometimes you do not even need to cast a spell to win and that’s vs meta. Of course, one more colour in the deck = more chance of passing turn, but if you want maps (:stuck_out_tongue:) I’ve got 7 once from using Luna in one game.

Most things are fine though, you can beat Webspinner teams with it, L&D is a breeze as mentioned and generally it works vs most things. Pretty good vs Rope Dart’s and so on.

These teams (Shahbanu) excel vs scaling content or Tower of Dooms. I did yellow tower of Doom with a 2nd Finesse in there instead of Mercy and you could just sit it completely and let it help generate stats. Never lost a troop at all through all floors. Any faction with yellow in, I’ll do it, can be pretty fast.

I’m doing the latest faction before I go for faction team with Cunning, Gavel, Shabanu, Cunning, works a treat vs the purple troops. Cunning is quite reasonable, must try it with a purple Shahbanu team. :slight_smile: