Two mobile earlyish-game players looking for casual but active guild


My dad (Myrdin, level 330) and I (Noctis, level 461) are mobile players in a guild where there is little to no participation in guild seals and activities outside of us and the leader. It’s a struggle for the guild to get 10k seals every week, so we are looking for a more active guild.

We both get at least 1000 seals per week, participate in the guild events, and contribute some trophies (I usually net around 75-100 a week, my dad gets around 25-50). We don’t contribute much gold yet as we’re both still working on leveling our kingdoms to 10, but once we’ve done that we’ll be able to contribute more.

I use chat apps like Discord but my dad doesn’t, so we’d prefer a guild that does not require one.


Salted Caramel has 13 spots available
Requirements are 1000 seals and 50 trophies per week and no gold till all kingdoms are level 5 then its 10,000 to tasks and then use the rest to level kingdoms to 10…message me here or if you see me in game (Queen Angel) we also have discord but its optional