Two bounty within 3 weeks

4 19050 Bounty Friday, Mar 24, 2023 Sunday, Mar 26, 2023

4 19052 Bounty Friday, Apr 14, 2023 Sunday, Apr 16, 2023

I am well aware that we have been told that event spoilers are just that and can change, but seeing it has been correct 99% of the time with the exception of the now seemingly, stealth change of which we do not speak.

there seems to be an error in the schedule because 2 bounty in 3 weeks seems too close.

can we have a diferent event. ideally the replacement would be ANYTHING other than arena


Arena is the one event currently not appearing on the prospective schedule. If they were to pull the mid-April Bounty, that’s probably what you’d get in its’ place.

(Raidboss appears to be a full-week event at the end of April for Vulpacea.)

It sucks, but it’s small change compared to some of the other issues inherent within the game at the moment. And it could be worse.

Arena Event can go die in a fire.

Remember, every time we ask for an event to be postponed, it’s 99.9% certain that it will be replaced by arena.


maybe the problem is asking to postpone events? the whole “mess” started when someone requested some event like invasion or whatever it was to be postponed due to “tHe XmAs HoLiDaYs”… sure you could argue, that normally noone acts on such requests, but seemingly back then someone did.
(and probably therefore in return also cancel’d the january vault in return since it was “outspoilered” around the same time, shortly before christmas?) yes, I know. only conspiracy theories, but this sums it up:



@icy thank you so much for this, this right here certainly made my day, fell outta my chair laughing so hard, I hurt my knee but didn’t feel a thing because of all the laughter. So true this is… Facts. I miss this show by the way. I’m going to replay this every time the situation calls for it.

Not gonna stop laughing at this whole thing, nope, I’m not…



Same. Loved it. Jonathan was my favorite host.


…and neither are for vulpacea

You mean like - none of the bounty events (the last we had and the shortly forthcoming) is dedicated to Vulpacea kingdom?

Then might I ask what is this here?

Lol, i was thinking about invasion…