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Two Arachnaean Weaver, non-divine teams, that (usually) beat Ubastet

Obviously I had to include “usually”, since luck of the draw guarantees nothing in this game.

Anyway, are you tired of playing with your Divine team? Did you just pull that shiny new divine… errrr… elf/monster Arachnaean Weaver and you want to give it a spin? Well, here are two ideas my guild (Throne of Odin, yay!) has come up with, in the first 24 hours, that (usually) wins, regardless of opponent… yes even Ubastet.

True Damage build

Arachnaean Weaver

How does it work?
Your goal is to do a lot of true damage. If you can get a first turn Mercy with free turn, you’ll win. If not, you need to get some mana generation going before the opponent does too much harm to you, and then you win. Mercy and Gorgotha make mana, and also help to keep armor values high. Tesla and Weaver do true damage, and lots of it (and help to kep armor values high as well). Pretty straightforward. Key tips: if you can cast both Tesla or Weaver, try to plan them so that Weaver gets the kill. This will allow for refilling mana, as well as further concentrating Tesla’s damage.

Credit to Bassrusher for this team

Denial build

This one is my personal favorite.

Green Seer
Giant Spider
Arachnaean Weaver

The idea is that Seer and Giant Spider make a two troop cycle, while overflow fills up the Weaver and Elemaugrim. Meanwhile, Elemaugrim is reducing all of the opponents to zero attack. Once you cast Weaver, the opposing team is at zero attack and zero magic. Go to town! One nice feature is that there’s often plenty of purple on the board for Elemaugrim to loop by himself. You also get early entangles from Green Seer (one minor drawback… entangled troops don’t lose their attack from Ele, so if they become unentangled, they’ll have their attack back). We all know Ubastet’s spell does way too much damage, but when he has zero magic and his team has zero attack, it’s really a lot less threatening (note: for some reason, the devs decided he should also get a bonus from your troops’ attack too, so it’s not zero damage… it’s just a whole lot less).

Alternative: replace Green Seer and Giant Spider with Forest Troll and Nyx. This allows for mana drain, with a similar loop for the green mana for Weaver. It loses the purple mana for Ele though. Still, I feel this team is easier for the AI to play than the Seer/Spider combo, so it’s what I put on defense at the moment.

Credit to … me … for this build.

Anyway, I know a lot of people are hating on Weaver at the moment, so I wanted to give a couple of starting ideas for people to play around with. Obviously, Uba/Infernus is still the strongest troop pair in the game, and triply so with Ishbaala, but I know I enjoy changing things up occassionaly, and I hope this sparks some creative ideas out there.

And feel free to check out Throne of Odin, or any of our other ToO Family guilds: Gods of Valhalla, Age of Ragnarok, Bifröst, Well of Urd.


Nice post.

Another which is a variation on my green GW team;


If Mercy can go, use straight away, if not fill Diviner. Match odd red for FF damage from Suna. Fire Weaver when full, with FF it is doing 48 true damage on last two if they are fired. If Diviner gets casting, 1:3 chance of enhancing magic, (other options cool too) so chances are that either Suna or Weaver are after a couple of Diviner casts doing 40+ true damage and 50% more with FF. Suna does life damage, so it also reduces enemy magic.

Watch vs the meta, use Mercy to overheal past Ubastet. Ubastet with it’s method of damage still hits for 70 even when webbed.

You will lose Diviner to skulls often, but Weaver can fill that void.

Also played around with Shocktopus/Mountain Crusher/Suna/Weaver - to get hero talents into game.


Thanks for posting this - I really like these types of threads they are positive help the community and give me and others something to try when we don’t always have time to come up with something ourselves.

Keep up the great contributions!



I’ve been using Mountain Crusher with Titan class, Divinia, Arachnian Weaver and Psion. Had it beating everything, including Goblins in Pet Battles, the hardest content of all.

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Have two other teams that are very viable, based on the first team but moving from control to explode.


With hero

Mountain Crusher

The hero team is a better allrounder in surviving ubastet. You can swap the top 2 and bottom 2 around for Psion and if you are facing the meta as devour is no threat, Weaver is probably better in slot 3 to prevent full magic damage early on in the battle.