Turn off potion effects

People buy event tiers usually for the resources… But the potion of enchantment is all I want… The others are annoying… Especially the potion of explosion… the thing destroys my 4 match’s… Every… Single… Time… I know I am not the only one frustrated with this … give us the ability to toggle which potions we want.

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I see the problem as greatly exaggerated.

Sure, sometimes Potion of Explosions destroys 4-matches that were initially on the board, but it can

  • destroy initial 4-matches without leaving new ones in place;
  • destroy initial 4-matches and leave new ones in place;
  • create 4-matches when there were none on the initial board.

In addition, if my team gets filled from explosions and subsequent cascade, who cares whether some 4-matches got or didn’t get destroyed?
And there is also the super funny situation in events with skull damage medals or Invasions when one can win the game without even touching the board simply through following skull cascades (and bonus Raising Shadows talent)…

So, yes, they might implement an option to toggle potions - if there is nothing better to do, and it should be nowhere near the top of priority list.