Turn dragonite -> dragon eggs into a vault fight

From what I understand, the main criticism about the new dragonite system does not seem to be that much, that it is based on random chances, but that it involves the soulforge as an otherwise (mostly) non-random entity.
So why not circumvent the issue by making dragon hoards a third type of vault fight? Same entry cost of 500 dragonite, three regular gnomes, or even Cedrics, if you want, headed by Diamantina, and you get an egg drop.

I see far less complaints from people not getting the tarot card they wanted, compared to hatched dragons, despite the core problem being the same.

Or maybe it’s because most tarot cards if not all aren’t as desirable because they aren’t that great.

Also, vault keys can reliably be farmed during vault weekends. Dragonite can’t.

And then many people bought the passes and got the tarots that way.

You do need 5 of that one tarot card to craft the ghulvania weapon.

Yes, but the weapon is meh, and those tarot cards were available during the event last year (so long term players who are the ones usually writing here) already have them.