Turn deep delves into double delves

It’s a little over a year, since the deep delve concept was introduced and was dead at arrival. Sure feels longer than that. I think, only shrines rival it in how useless it appears. If there wasn’t an achievement, they would not even be played once. I doubt, more than hundred players ever ran a second deep delve.

After a couple of unfinished drafts over the last months, I think, I got one now, that might work out:

Have a deep delve consist of the regular delve map at first. When clearing it, continue with the deep delve map, carrying over the current team, dungeon effects and multipliers. Increase the maximum chest level to 20.

I think, this should not lead to too many bugs and difficulties with weekend delve events, that still require a normally working deep map, and does not need a significant overhaul. It simply turns deep delves into a mode, that is both a bit harder and more rewarding than running two regular delves at the same cost. So pretty much, what it was meant to be in the first place.


Yeah, unless they really change the Deep Delves, I won’t ever be wasting a sigil on them, it’s just not worth it. I did once to get the achievement and that was it.

ETA: Maybe once I eventually get all delves to PF500 [I have about a dozen to go] I’ll be bored enough to use sigils on a Deep Delve. Maybe.


I do one deep delve every day :slightly_smiling_face:

I still need chaos shards, but can’t be bothered to do 3 delves per day, so I do one deep delve instead. Gets me some shards and a guaranteed gnome, which is (very rarely) a dragonite gnome.

If you make deep delves take longer to do, I’m definitely skipping them :joy:

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