Turn 1 Wins - Common or Rarity?


Lets talk about Turn 1 wins, when you win the game before the opponent can make a single turn.
is this something that gets more “common” in higher levels with higher evolved decks?

I am ~level 200 now and my decks starts to do more and more of them - so I am interested if I just have a quite good working combination of cards or if it is nothing so-special and you also have them here and then?

I am playing Abhorath as first, then Gorgotha, then Elemaugrim and dark maiden in the 4th slot.
Of course I need a 4 or 5 match to start, but with a single 5-start in green the maiden triggers turn 1, fills up any of the demons in the first slots, espcially good when it’s Gorgotha, who will let the board explode and fill up Elemaugrim, who will to mass damage to all by creating a bunch of violet gems, which fill him up again, …

Yes, of course there is a bit of luck involved to the turn 1 win, but often it’s really only once, after exploding the board with Gorgotha to have a 4-match after the booom, and I stay in play, until Ele is ready.

In case, the game runs more turns, the demon in slot 1 is a blocker who heals himself and grows in strength with every trigger, but in most games, I just let him stay ready-to-cast if life gets close to dangerous and I just do fill-ups with Gorgotha for Ele…

Do you have turn-1-decks too? Is this something, “that just is happening” or is this extremely rare?

At high level you wont find this expirince. Troops have over 100 hp/armor combined.
I do have a team that can win the game in 1 turn, but it takes about 5 minutes to be done with it, and isn’t really fun to use. Still you relay heavy on getting a 5 match at start to get the loop going.


At higher levels (over 1000), it’s still possible to get a turn-one win, but I doubt it’s common. Opponents tend to have very high health and armor, often 100+ combined on any given troop. You pretty much need a strong looping team and a bit of luck to do it. Something like: Mercy, Alchemist, Hellcat, Gard’s Avatar. With that team, you could loop until Gard is buffed enough to one shot. But honestly, it’s faster just to cast him twice, letting the other team have a turn or two in between.


Well, i’d venture that most players actually have such a deck. I call them Infinity-Loop Decks.
Usually, you have 2 Troops that fill each others
(Example can be Giant Spider and Green Seer. Play forever and Vine everyone.)
Then you put a “killer”, so either someone in front of different colours with high attack (in our example Red or Brown) that will hit the skulls while you chain (good advise to be impervious or insulated against Bone Dragon Freeze, and high HP or Giant trait against GloomLeaf barbs) OR someone that just kills with it’s trait, like Moloch or Plague or Kraken.

4th slot is your accelerant, that troop with full mana start that can kickstart the chain if no 4-match are available (like Sirens, Mercy, etc…)

It wins 100%, but as DonBoba said, some games are just very very long.

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Yea, but then this wouldn’t be “One turn” because it would take several turns to fill those up first.

That’s why the kickstarter troop in the fourth slot. I can say i start my loops on first turn about 90% of time.
The funniest is with the Princess. It’s all about the right banner. In this exemple, Banner and Spider = + 3 purple. Add another guy with Magic Link and you can fill the Seer on a single 4-match.
So, You do all 4-5 matches, if you still needs more mana, then activate Sirens or Mercy or Princess Sac, etc… and you should be up there.

I have at least 3 teams that can win on turn one consistently with a good starting board however as @DonBoba said it takes forever and is quite dull

A possible One-Turn set up that I’ve managed sporadically even at end-game is as follows:

Team (assume all troops fully traited):
Great Maw
Infernal King

Turn 1:
Empowered Mercy fills up Great Maw and get several 4+ yellow matches.
Turn 1 Extra Turn:
Great Maw eats one target (Victim #1) and creates 4+ yellow or brown matches, also fills Infernal King in the process.
Turn 1 Extra Turn:
Infernal King fires and get extra turns with either Red or Skull matches, and also unleashes the souped up Maw upon the opposing team, ideally killing another one (Victim #2). The Red matches fills up Sheggra in the process.
Turn 1 Extra Turn:
Sheggra explodes the remaining Red gems into Skulls, ideally killing another target (Victim #3), and also getting extra turn with 4+ skull matches.
Turn 1 Extra Turn:
There might be enough skulls left for Great Maw to one-shot and/or extra-turn-shot the final victim.

And tada~~ One Turn victory.

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Thats one i use as well except i put archer or assassin in place of maw