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Tunes of War: Official Forum Thread

OK @Saltypatra, you’ve been a good sport so I want to say thank you by granting your request. Here is what I need? You can send it here or via PM, but I need info about this eternal love? How did it begin? Are you serious/joking? Do they actually hate each other? And of course the correct pronunciation of @en9nhcet?!

Please get me that stuff or as much as you can and I will lay down your requested parody… I already have an idea for the song! :smiling_imp:


Wow, I had no idea this was here, or that anyone else had done GoW parodies! Haha! I should have known!
Here’s mine, from when Yvendra released:

I also did one for Tannenbaum (twice! >_<) but the sound didn’t work right either time, so I gave up and just had 30 seconds of silence instead. Meh. More parodies are planned, but I’m not the bestest singer, and I’m dealing with a little stage fright ATM. :stuck_out_tongue:

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