(TUF) The Unholy Family is Recruiting All Levels For All Play-styles – Openings Posted In Comments

The Unholy Family is a GoW SuperGuild in its PC/Mobile platform with 3 active guilds of various levels of activity to fit all playstyles.

:gem_doomskull: TUF: Unrepentant :gem_doomskull:

  • Some call Unrepentant TUF’s powerhouse. Others call them crazy. Both are right! This is TUF’s do-it-all crew. We complete all Guild Eventes and we enjoy Guild Wars!
  • 800K gold - 1300 seals - 12k GW, All 30 Battles & Maxed Sentinels - Participation In All Events

:gem_skull: TUF: Abaddon :gem_skull:

  • They’re the TUF crazies who prefer to dodge the stress bullet of Guild Wars, but they do everything else, and they do it well.
  • 800K gold - 1300 seals - NO Guild Wars - Participation In All Events

:gem_green: TUF: Limbo :gem_blue:

  • TUF’s casual guild for training new friends mixed with some heavy hitters who enjoy calling Limbo home!
  • 400k gold - 1300 seals - 12k GW - participation in all events
    NO Gold Donations UNTIL Kingdoms Lvls at 10 & All Factions in Underworld Unlocked

:beach_umbrella: TUF: Oblivion :beach_umbrella:

  • Oblivion is TUF’s vacation/inactive guild. Space is made here as needed for new members who want a place to relax while waiting for an opening in any of our other guilds.

:world_map: We have a worldwide presence and all are invited to our Discord abyss to meet us and discover a friendly and fun atmosphere-Discord is our preferred communication platform and is required

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Update- We now have the following openings:

Unrepentant 5 Spot Available
Abaddon 2 Spots Available
Limbo 1 Spots Available

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